Moratorium Guidelines

During a moratorium, Braishfield will not accept any requests to bind new business, increase or add coverage, or reduce deductibles for all carriers, policy types and coverage(s) in areas mentioned below.

Once a moratorium has been lifted, requests must be resubmitted. 

Please note that Braishfield does not backdate coverage.

Please contact our office prior to resubmitting, to confirm that no additional documentation is required.

Moratoriums do not impact renewal business that is bound with the same coverages and deductibles as expiring. We will not increase or add coverage, or reduce deductibles.

Please check this page periodically to confirm active moratoriums.

As a reminder, agents do not have binding authority. If you have a bind request that needs to be submitted for a risk in one of the affected areas or for one of the affected products, please contact your underwriter to determine if an exception can be made for your request.

Active Moratoriums

Hurricane Beryl

Contact your underwriter for details of the affected area(s), policy type(s) and coverage(s).