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The primary characteristic of Braishfield is quality; in security, form, administration, service, and claims adjudication. We will endeavor to secure this quality through partnerships with only the best organizations and personnel enabling us to be your one-stop solution.

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In order to enjoy our full range of products, your agency must be enrolled with us. If you’re already enrolled with us, then you’re ready to start quoting.

Why Braishfield?

Maintaining excellent relationships with carriers enables us to provide our customers with a one-stop solution for their insurance needs.

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In order to enjoy our full range of products, your agency must be enrolled with us. Our enrollment process is constantly being streamlined to bring you the best service and quickest turnaround time.

Important Changes to our Portal

Welcome to the new and improved Braishfield.com!

We are no longer using the Braishfield Portal. Everything is now accessible through our website, including quotes, applications, product information, contact information, marketing flyers, and claims information.

How To Quote:

To start a quote, go to braishfield.com/quotes for options on online quoting through one of our carrier partners. You can also submit risks directly to your underwriter.

Changes to the USLI quoting process:

For agents looking to quote through USLI, you will need to create an account the first time you start a quote through our new website.

To create a new account, go to braishfield.com/quotes/usli and click “Create A Login”. You will be redirected to USLI. Click “Create New Account”.

Please Note: If you received an email regarding an expiring password for the Portal, please disregard as we are working on disabling these emails.